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Welcome to The Floral Escape | 愉景灣酒店送花, your premier luxury flower shop in Hong Kong. With over 23 years of experience, our professionally trained and talented staff are dedicated to creating gorgeous floral arrangements and providing styling services for every occasion, earning your trust with every order.

Immerse yourself in the exquisite beauty of our arrangements, backed by our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction. At Auberge Flower Shop | 愉景灣酒店送花, we deliver fresh, skillfully arranged daily bouquets, gift baskets, box flowers, table centerpieces, New Year Hampers, Mid-Autumn Festival Hampers, Christmas Hampers, and food and fruit arrangements. Whether it's a social gathering, corporate event, celebration, or a heartfelt gesture to your loved ones, our arrangements speak volumes with their simple elegance, touching hearts and conveying your sincerest thoughts.

At Auberge Flower Shop | 愉景灣酒店送花, we understand the importance of competitive pricing without compromising the quality of our service. Our focus is on our brand, ensuring that we invest time, effort, and attention to detail in meeting your needs. We believe that above all, it's about you and providing the best service you deserve.

Your satisfaction is at the core of our service. We are committed to continually upgrading our staff's skills through formal training and workshops. We also strive to refine our understanding of varied styles and aesthetics, ensuring that we grasp the essence of each occasion and the message you wish to convey through the flowers you order from us.

When it comes to the flowers you need for every occasion, big or small, The Floral Escape | 愉景灣酒店送花 is the brand you can trust. We make it easy for you to order online in just two minutes! Visit our Products Page to explore our wide selection and learn more about our convenient online ordering process.

Experience the beauty and elegance of The Floral Escape | 愉景灣酒店送花 today. Trust us to deliver the perfect floral arrangements for your special moments.


Flowers specially for you today

Send a Fifty Roses Bouquet to your another half, this is fifty fifty..
HK$1,100.00 HK$1,000.00
Birthday Wish, send this Gerberas Flowers Hand Bouquet with Three colors of Gerbera, Pink, Yellow, and White, it's a colorful bouquet for Birthday, We..
HK$750.00 HK$730.00
One Holland Cymbidium bouquet, it can keep for more than 10 days , send something special to someone you love...
HK$950.00 HK$930.00
The Pretty Pink Rose Bouquet
-12 %
The Pretty Pink Rose Bouquet with 30 pink color rose and eucalyptus beautifully arrange in a large bouquet, good for wedding anniversary and Birthday..
HK$1,250.00 HK$1,100.00
Three Different color of Botany flowers with fillers beautifully wrapped with a light brown color paper..
HK$1,130.00 HK$1,100.00